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40MM Brass XPoleThis product is worth its weight in gold! Okay, well, maybe not quite that much.

But, even as an ‘exotic dancer,’ I honestly can’t imagine being happier with a different product.

In fact, it’s easy for me to forget that it’s a portable pole!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First of all, prior to purchasing this product, I was deciding between a few different portable poles: the Li’l Mynx, Superpole, and the X-Pole.

By the way, if you buy this pole, do not buy the product directly from X-Pole!

They are based in the UK, and you’ll end up paying a hefty sum for shipping, even though the pole appears to be cheaper on their site.

Buy it from Amazon

As a disclaimer, I have heard good things about all three of these pole brands, but to me, the X-Pole seemed the most…intense.

It’s advertising really emphasizes that the pole is meant to be swung upon, and seeing as how its price was competitive, I decided to try my luck with the X-Pole.

I was primarily looking for a pole that would

1) Hold my weight, even at high velocities,

2) Be completely portable, and

3)Spin like a real stripper pole.

I don’t look like I weigh much, but at 145 pounds, I was afraid that I’d easily topple anything that wasn’t constructed very, very well! I honestly was ready to send back any product that didn’t meet my expectations to the T.

There is no way I would risk my safety just to have a recreational pole in my apartment.

The pole arrived in good time. 

The box (at 39 lbs) contains two sporty/stylish bags (to carry the differently-shaped parts for total portability), two longer poles, two bases, two extensions, a toolkit (contains everything you need to put the pole together), a DVD, an instruction manual, and a metal cover for the otherwise-exposed, adjustable top.

I was concerned at first because one of the metal bases seemed very unstable. However, as demonstrated by the DVD, it is supposed to be like this before you put the pole together.

I started trying to put it together using the written instructions. And I really shouldn’t have bothered.

The written instructions are so confusing compared to the visual DVD!!

On the DVD, two instructors put the pole together very simply (with no fade-in-fade-out tweens: it really is easy!).

Then again, I’m a visual person. But in my experience, the written instructions just complicated what the DVD clearly explained.

(Also, the DVD contains step-by-step instructions on some basic pole/floor moves.)

It is very easy to put together (though I’d recommend having someone help you).

The learning curve is sharp:

I won’t need to refer back to the instructions if I decide to move the pole elsewhere: its construction is very simple.

Simple, but STURDY! I live in an old apartment, and so had to find a place on the ceiling where it was completely flat.

I didn’t search for the ceiling beams (though I probably should’ve); I just searched for a place where it would stand straight. But this pole is SOLID.

I can literally grab the pole, shake it as hard as I can, and it still does not budge. With the two extensions, it fairly easily reaches the top of my 9′ ceiling, and still does not feel wobbly (some poles get noticeably more wobbly as more extensions are added on).

Of course, you can also choose to put the pole in ’static’ mode, but where’s the fun in that?

This pole is exactly what my pole at work looks and feels like, even though the one at my job isn’t portable!

The grip, the spin type, and the material are all authentic.

Trust me, I would know. :0) I really find very few products I’m passionate about, but I cannot find anything wrong with this one.

Whether you’re buying it as a sexy workout toy, as something to make your significant other’s jaw drop.

Or because you’re a stripper who likes to take her work home, this is the pole for you.



I only paid a bit over $300 for my x pole when I bought it a while ago.

I have no idea why its price has raised so dramatically on Amazon, but I’d advise searching for a better price elsewhere!

I hear that X-Pole now has a base in the US, so try buying it from them!!


Buy it from Amazon


Verified Customers Reviews From Amazon

Jamilla – Miss Pole Dance Australia

“Now that I have my own X Pole, I haven’t once looked back!

X Pole just can’t be beaten for its superior engineering and safety. Everything about it speaks of years of research and development and the best of quality.
Jade – X-Pole user
I think the X-Pole is amazing, I have bought a few cheaper poles before but this is nothing in comparison! I wish I had not wasted my money on those other ones now because this one is by far the best!!
Suzie Q – Pole-Fitness Instructor
“I prefer to use X-Pole in my classes… it’s quick & easy to put up, it leaves no marks on the ceiling…and most importantly it’s two poles in one (spinning and stationary) catering to all fitness levels from beginners to advanced.
”Stacey Snedden – X-Pole user
Comes in different sizes but I got the standard 50mm X-Pole if your having a party this Christmas or new year and not going out this is a must-have party piece.
mikeyxyz – X-Pole user
The X-Pole is the best pole I have used. It is fully portable and can be put up or taken down in less than 5 minutes. I can spin and hang upside down and the pole is very stable.
Danielle S – X-Pole user
The X Pole is fab! Definitely, a great buy I have used it loads!
Izzzy – X-pole user
I have had my X Pole for 3 years. In that time, it has been used on a very regular basis by myself, my family and friends, and my 14 stone boyfriend. It has never shifted or moved while any of us have been using it. Very easy to switch to spinning mode, and spins so freely that it can make me very dizzy! Easy to clean, I have had no issues with it rusting or peeling.
Amanda Buckley – Dancing Teacher
I bought the X-Pole back in 2005 and I have never looked back, I recommend all my students buy this as it is a professional dancing pole but at a very good price!