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X Pole Features                                                                                                            

The screw together high precision joints are almost seamless

X-Pole’s unique precision machined, screw together connections do not slot together.

They create rock-solid stability and extremely high pole strength and, more importantly for the dancer, smooth seams to make it a more pleasant pole dancing experience.

Brilliant Low Profile Articulating base for uneven floors

Both the 45mm X-Pole and the 50mm X-Pole have a uniquely designed, the low profile flat, not angled base helps so that the dancer’s feet will not slide off.

The noninvasive base, which compensates for uneven floors.

There is also a unique 3° angle lock which adds to X-Poles stability.

Static or spinning, it’s so easy to convert!Both the 45mm and 50mm X Pole converts from static to spinning mode in just 15 seconds.

Simply undo or re-tighten two hidden screws. Spinning units contain a total of 6 ball bearings for maximum stability and durability.

Extra wide support dome with easy to use height adjuster

X-Poles extra wide 15″ support dome creates a self-locking moment for added stability.

The upper adjuster, which is easy to tighten due to its fine thread, has a simple slide in place cover enhancing X Poles appearance.

12 more reasons to buy the X-Pole

1.  No ceiling fixings required when using the X-Pole

2. Articulating base – easy to set up on uneven floors

3. Static or spinning – uses 6 ball bearings

4. Two hidden screws to lock/unlock

5. Double width X Pole support dome – covers 2 ceiling joists

6. 50mm (1.96”) Chromed Steel – as used by the professionals

7. Angular stability lock – helps stabilize your X-Pole

8. Expandable height – from 2235mm (7′ 4″) to 2745mm (9′) straight from the box

9. Optional extensions – 6 lengths 100, 125, 250, 500, 750 and 1000mm

10.Screw together joints – for maximum strength, stability, and smoothness, DVD included – together with comprehensive pictorial assembly instructions

11.Easy to use height adjuster – complete with cover

12.Multi-functionality – with optional parts, use as a table or plasma screen mount


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