What makes the pole dancing workouts the best way to get in shape?

 The first is obvious, it’s fun, exciting and challenging.

An added benefit you’ll receive from this exercise routine is it combines the three major types exercises into one.

Pole dancing is a combination of flexibility, aerobic, and anaerobic exercise.

Let’s go into each element of the pole dancing workout.

Flexibility is the first element of a pole dancing workout.

The dance moves and pole tricks implement a great deal of flexibility.

Now you might be wondering what’s the importance of flexibility?

This type of workout helps prevent joint pain and muscle stiffness to a great extent.

How many times have pulled a muscle by performing a simple task?

A pole dancing workout loosens up the joints and muscles from becoming stiff.

The aspect of the pole dancing workout is aerobic exercise.

Dancing is an excellent form of aerobic exercise.

The benefit of aerobic exercise is to increase endurance and oxygen intake; ultimately leading to weight loss.

Generally, pole dancing exercise will begin with warming up (stretching) then by be proceeded by aerobic activity.

The aerobic activity consists more of the actual dancing than pole ticks and spins.

After the aerobic activity in your pole dancing workout, anaerobic exercise follows.

Anaerobic exercise consists of strength training.

Pole dance moves such as climbing the pole build muscles in the arm.

Pole tricks such as the jumps and slides tone muscles in the abdomen.

The chair and fireman moves strengthen leg muscles.

(If I have lost you with any of the names of these dance moves, I will cover them in more detail in future posts.)

Pole dancing is a fun way to get a great workout.

Hopefully, by now I have encouraged you to try it for yourself.

If you are already taking pole dancing lessons, this post is motivation to stick with it.

The pole dancing workout consists of flexibility, aerobic, and anaerobic exercise for you become limber, lean, and strong.

So why not try it on for size?