How To Walk In Pole Dancing Shoes

Walking in pole dancing shoes can be very challenging when you first start out.

It is even more of a challenge if you don’t know how to walk in heels in the first place.

Walking in heels can make you look sexy, awkward, or in some cases can make you appear drunk.

The only way to master this skill is to practice, practice, practice.

Here are the fundamental steps for how to walk in heels.Stand in front of a full-length mirror with your heels on.

Practice good posture by standing tall, shoulders back, chest out, and lower abdomen in.

This helps you balance and shift your weight as necessary.

Take a look at the alignment of your body in the mirror.

Just standing in high heels will get your body adjusted to the difference in your body structure.

Once you know how to stand in heels, you are now ready to take your first steps.Relax in your hips and knees as you take steps.

Using the heels first as you step, then follow through the step onto the ball on your foot.

Slightly bend the knees with each step.

This may seem a bit awkward at first.

The key to getting comfortable walking in pole dancing shoes is practice.

You can practice walking in your shoes by pacing from one end of the room to the other.

When I first started dancing, a friend and fellow dancer, suggested cleaning house with my heels on.

Doing simple tasks such as vacuuming your floors will allow getting used to the natural movements in heels.

This actually can help you with dancing in heels as well.Once you have practiced a few times walking in your pole dancing shoes, you’ll master the art of wearing heels.

Remember practice standing with good posture, relax in hips and knees as you take your steps and practice…at no time you’ll know how to walk in heels.