Creating a Pole Dancing Routine

Why You Need Pole Dancing Routine?

One way to speed up your progress with pole dancing is to practice.  Create your own pole dance routine to do in your home.

You may want to dance with your partner, or just to workout at home. Preparation is key if you want to perform for your significant other. The first thing you will need is a pole in your home.

Luckily nowadays you can find an affordable portable pole. What are the other things you will need to create a knockout pole dance routine?

Here is a list of things to consider for creating your performance at home. The first thing you will need for your pole dance routine is music. How do you choose the best music to dance to? This is totally dependent on your taste in music.

What kind of music has a good beat, and gets you in the mood?   Choose some upbeat tracks to build up the excitement, then go in for the kill with a slow and sexy song.

Next what moves do you want to incorporate into your pole dance routine? Do you want to focus on pole tricks, floor work or slow sensuous movements? If you are dancing for someone else, then think about the type of energy you want to convey. This is a crucial step before moving onto the next step.

Finally, you need to consider what type of clothing for your pole dance routine. Do you want to wear something short and skimpy to do more pole work to show off your new skills?

Maybe you want to tease your audience. You may want to create the allure of curiosity by covering yourself. Other options are clothes that tear off quickly or the tight form fitting latex to grip the pole better.

This list will prepare you for creating a knockout pole dance routine. Keep in mind these three things, music to dance to, pole tricks and moves, and clothes to wear. Now you are ready to create a pole dance routine to knock your partner off their feet.