What Pole Dancing is Really About

What Is Pole Dancing?

Pole dancing received a bad wrap in the past. The negative connotation of it can be blamed due to the association of stereotypes with strip clubs. The truth of the matter is pole dancing isn’t about stripping or sexual infidelity.

The pole dancing experience for women is about connecting with a part of ourselves, which we tend to lose sight of. This is our sensual self. Dancing is a great form of exercise, it’s fun. It allows us to feel and be sexy.

In this day and age as women- we work, we take care of everyone else-putting ourselves last.

By nature, we were designed to create- that is what the feminine energy is about. The art of pole dancing gives us a medium through which we connect and experience our sensual and sexual beings.

Sheila from S Factor describes pole dancing as “Fight Club” for women. Pole dancing is something that up until recently was not discussed openly. In some areas of the country- it’s still a bit of a taboo subject.

Personally what I get from pole dancing is rise is confidence. Performing pole tricks and dance moves empowers me. The days that I am not feeling sexy, it boosts my mood and my spirits.

The benefits of pole dancing are endless.It’s a good way to get yourself used to exercise, especially when it’s a challenge to go to the gym to perform a tedious workout.

Pole dancing for fitness- provides a cardiovascular and aerobic exercise. Along with that, it’s a fantastic way to build strength in your upper body and your core.

Flexibility is also enhanced. And one of my favorite things about pole dancing is that it is a great way to spice up things in your love life.

Dancing for your significant other is just one way to add some zing.

Did you know exercise actually helps stimulate chemicals for arousal?
Pole dancing is an ideal way to feel and is sexy, empowered, fit and boost confidence.

If you haven’t tried it, take Pole dancing classes Online or class in your area.


If you have what do you get from the pole dancing experience?


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