Connect with Pole Dancing Music

Music Connection Is Much Needed While Pole Dancing

A major mistake of many dancers is failing to connect with pole dancing music. You might notice they appear like walking dead or robots.

You don’t want to be of them.  Music adds impact to your performance. Think of your favorite movie…music is added to the scenes to move you.

It enhances the experience, to inspire, move, sadden or frighten you. This post will teach how to connect to your pole dancing music for an unforgettable performance. The first and most important thing to do is listen to the music.

Play the song several times until you know it by heart.  Be an attentive listener by listening to the lyrics, the rhythm, and all the aspects making the song.

One way to remember the song is to get it your body. You can do this either by singing along, or tapping to the rhythm. Try it, this will stick. Now that you have memorized the music by soaking it in, we can move to the next step.

Visualize or choreograph your performance.

Play the song again. The picture in your mind the powerful moments in the song. Whether it a funky bass line, a solo, a smooth beat; then picture pole dancing moves that fit right along with the music.

Some dancers prefer to choreograph each movement by writing them down in a specific order.  Others prefer to freestyle it and go with the flow.

Know and feel your music backward and forwards to connect with it. Now we are ready to…Practice, practice, practice…the more you put in, the more you get.  It’s a universal law.

The more time you practice connecting with your pole dancing music, the better you will become. Remember to take it slow to establish the connection.  Remember this no one master anything new on the first attempt. Put these steps into action and have fun at it!!!