Three Common Mistakes To Avoid When Learning Pole Dancing

3 Pole Dancing Mistakes To be Avoided

When you learn pole dancing you may feel frustration, especially if you are learning from home. Frustrations may cause you to give up if you don’t know how to correct the problem.

Further, I will share the three most common mistakes to learn pole dancing and how to avoid them.

The first crucial mistake people make when they learn pole dancing is the lack or absence of warming up. Pole dancing lessons at your local fitness club or gym ensure they cover the warm-up, the workout, and the cooldown.

If you are learning to pole dance in the comfort of your own home, it is vitally important to do some good stretching exercises before taking on any pole tricks.

Areas to focus on stretching include the arms, back, and legs. Doing this will reduce muscle soreness, stiffness and pulling back muscles.

The next possible mistake when you learn pole dancing is not knowing when to stop. You might want to take on the workout full force.The problem with this is it leads to muscle exertion and fatigue.

Take the time to be aware, listen to your body if you are feeling tired or sore then stop, cool down.This is will make it easier to stick with pole dancing.

The third and very common mistake to learn pole dancing is wearing lotion and oils.  Moisturizers on your skin make the pole slick. This makes it impossible to grip the pole.

I can’t count the number of times students were insistent on wearing lotion when they pole danced. Sometimes the best way to teach people is to let them learn for themselves, after a number of slips and falls off the pole.

They learned.  Please for the sake of your own safety, don’t wear lotion before pole dancing.Now you can beat the learning curve when you learn pole dancing.  Just remember these three tips: stretch, know when to call it a day and go without lotion during the workout.  You’ll be a step ahead of the game.