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Madame Diva What An Epic Experience

Gwen’s favorite pole dancing buddy is her dog named “Shasta”. You can always find Shasta by Gwen’s side when she is on the pole.

Pole DanceHe loves to dance too. Gwen’s background is vast in the performing arts arena. Her dance classes started at the young age of 4.

Training in ballet, tap, jazz, and gymnastics were the highlights of her life, for almost two decades. 

Ballroom, disco and belly dancing followed in a step later in her career, as the owner, of the LaShonse Dance Studio in Mendota, Illinois. 


Gwen danced as a professional ballerina with the Peoria Civic Ballet Company and the Rockford Dance Company in Illinois.

Fours years ago Gwen was looking for a business to start. Not knowing what that would be she listed everything she loved to do and everything she ever did for a living. 

She knew that it had to make her thrilled to get out of bed every day and love every minute of what she did. 

Life is just too short. One morning flipping through the television channels she ran across the Oprah show and there was a woman pole dancing! Gwen saw her new future right then and there. 

It was back to dancing, but with a spin this time. 

The next day she bought a pole and has been pole dancing ever since, loving every minute of it. 

Gwen has always said, “to stay young at heart stay sexy.” She says she will be pole dancing into her eighties.

After owning and operating a highly successful studio in Medford, Oregon, Gwen knew she had to move on to Texas.

She had studied the Texas market and saw that there was little in the way of pole dancing being offered here. 

She loves Texas. So, Gwen sold her studio, The Poledance Experience to her student Dawn Rittiman, a year ago and here she is. Gwen intends to take Texas by storm. 

Yes, she knows this is the Bible belt and what will people say? ”Oh, my, pole dancing in Texas.” 

Here is what you would hear Gwen say to that, “yes, ladies pole dancing has made its way to Texas and I know that I am not the first to be here with pole dancing but my spirit for pole dancing is huge. Just like Texas.

Gwen believes that all women can seize the opportunity to define their own path to health and spiritual wellness. 

Her own triumph over illness was the inspiration that led her to open The Poledance Experience. In 1998 she became ill with a debilitating mystery illness. Gwen went from doctor to doctor with no diagnosis, three years. 

She suffered from a mélange of symptoms including chronic pain, vertigo, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and subsequently depression not knowing how to get well. 

For the first time after a life of dance and exercise, she could barely function. 

Gwen was bedridden 80% of the day for three years. She dreamed of being able to do the things that brought her joy and fulfillment. 

Her unrelenting search for answers and prayer for guidance led her to this book. 

“What you Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia And How it Can Be Reversed, by Dr. St. Paul Amand. 

With a diagnosis in hand, she embarked on her path to wellness having lost 3 years of her life to illness, she recognized the important role that exercise plays in the well being of both body and mind. 

In her prayers to God for answers, she committed to him that if she found the answers to restore her health, she would share that knowledge with others. 

She is currently working on a blog site for those who have fibromyalgia and to help those who want to reverse their illness like she did.

Inspired and impassioned, she has developed The Poledance Experience, and nowhere in Texas, Poledance Experience, so that women can share the empowerment that physical energy provides in all aspects of life.

When you meet Gwen you will instantly bask in her glow, as she radiates, energy, joy, and compassion.

About My Experience

I am totally hooked after only 8 weeks at the PoleDance Experience”!


I have never had such a great workout!


No gym can make you feel this good!


Thanks for all you do Gwen!


Merry Christmas and see ya’ll soon!-


Moira Madame Diva Gwen’s Pole Dance Experience is a tremendous life-changing blessing that everyone should experience.


Madame DivaHer bubbly energy and loving spirit fill the room.


You are embraced by an atmosphere of non-judgment and support, which is reciprocated by your fellow “divas in training.”After the first class, I was absolutely hooked.


Upon completing my first 8 weeks, I had lost 10lbs!! After 12 weeks, another 5lbs, and now 16 weeks later, I have lost a total of 20lbs!!


All of it lost without any significant dietary changes or other fitness programs.


There is no need. Depending on what I put into each class, the calorie burn has been a whopping 350-750 calories per 90-minute class.


Great as all that is, for me, the best part is for that 90-minutes I can say, I truly leave my problems at the door.


More importantly, the class is the only thought in my head.


Trust me, when a normal “quiet” day means 6-7 thoughts running through my mind at any given time, having a single thought of focus for 90 minutes is a miracle!


If you haven’t tried PoleDance Experience, you need too.


It is absolutely good for your soul.


The new slimmer, sexier you is just the proverbial, “icing on the cake.”-


Jennifer Cox


Pole dancing has been so much fun! And a GREAT workout!! I’m one of those people who *hates* exercise, but I look forward to every lesson.


And Madame Diva Gwen is the BOMB! Great fun, great workout — does it get any better than that??- J.


DI have never experienced emotion, joy, love, and passion like this before.


Miss Gwen’s classes provide something beyond dancing on a pole that you can’t put a leash on!


You will experience empowerment, wisdom, and strength if you let your heart release in Poledance Experience!


It is near impossible to explain the phenomenon, but I am telling you to let it sweep you away!


You won’t regret the experience!- Lacey, Former Student @ Oregon Location Gwen La Shonse is a One of a Kind Lit Miracle!  You want to smile, laugh, feel limber, get strong, and inhabit your sexuality?  —


Show up and play.  I made some of the best friends of my life pole dancing with Gwen.


Gwen’s bravado is charismatic, and contagious.


She is safe, fun, kind and 360 degrees charmed.


You’ll be learning with a true Master of style.


Classes with her will Light your imagination, your mind, your attitude, your confidence and whole your being with a Love of Life and pleasure.


Dancing with Gwen is truly a Sacred Art.  Don’t miss it!- Julie WeberOverweight, over 50, but not overconfident, I walked into Gwen’s class not knowing what to expect.


I was welcomed like an old friend.


Taking classes with Gwen renewed my confidence in me, physically made me stronger than I have ever been and has helped to give a new lease on life.


Thank you, Gwen!- Molly ParishHonestly, I did not want to go to pole dancing class.


The whole Lulu/exercise thing is not a good match. But hubs said, “Uh, get off your rear, your going!” So off I went, expecting it to be a waste of time.


But I rang the doorbell and this dark-haired, sexy, yum yum of a woman opened the door and gave me the sweetest huge.


I was immediately comforted. Then the music starts and she has our abs rolling and hips swaying and I am told to mirror her.


At that moment, I wanted to nibble on her neck. Lulu loves her  Madame, Diva. MmmmmmM!


Then we start spinning around the pole and it is love at first spin.


It is SO much fun, and I felt graceful and sexy.


I could not stay off the pole! And let me tell you, there is no way you can be a good pole dancer without upper body strength.


The classes are going to shape your arms and make them super strong. I can’t wait to see my guns after 8 weeks of lessons.


In fact, my whole body was sore for 2 days after. I got a great workout and didn’t even know it.



– Love ya Madame Diva Gwen, LuluMadame Diva,  Oh what fun! Thank you so much for our evening of dance.


You truly are a master at your craft. Who has that much fun and gets an amazing workout at the same time!


The be-dazzled! girls had a blast and I think we all found our “inner-sexy”. We can’t wait for the next class.-  Thanks again,


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