Pole Dancing Is Growing Rapidly

The Increase In Growth Of Pole Dancing

Pole dancing has become a fast growing dance frenzy in the world, Why does this dance form attract all sorts of women from housewives to businesswomen?

In this article we will try to show you a few reasons:

Energy outlet

On your way to total relaxation, one of the biggest problems of western living is the intensity of fast-track living

Forcing us to be in constant state of thinking and doing.

On those days when we are flooded with stress and tension – Pole dancing is the ideal outlet to defuse these tensions, while pole dancing

You can reach a state of clarity of thought while infusing your body with endless amounts of energy, you won’t be able to find in any other dance form.

Intensive physical exercise – the perfect formula for maintaining a healthy invigorated body (and mind) – a lot has been said about the importance of physical exercise.

The biggest problem with turning these thoughts into action is a simple fact that it’s not always fun to exercise.

The secret of success is perseverance – and you can achieve perseverance easily only when you are enjoying what you are doing.

Pole dancing is a fun, form of dance – addresses these needs.

Using the area around a pole, dancers must incorporate ballet, modern dance, and gymnastic movements into dance routines.

Tricks and special moves can be incorporated into any dance routine.  You can easily learn most pole skills with practice.

Frequent movements include spins, body inverts, climbs and static poses.

Floor work and sexy filler moves are also added to create a complete dance routine.

You pole dance, enjoy yourself, feel sexy and feminine, all the time your body is getting a total work out – and the time flies with you noticing.

Pole Dancing provides muscular strength and endurance work, as well as extensive toning in a full body workout.

Muscle definition will begin to appear in a short time and will be noticeable especially in the arms, thighs, and buttocks.

Three of the biggest “trouble” spots for women.You will also appreciate the increased flexibility, posture, and overall fitness when you begin to enjoy the exciting world of pole dancing.

Strength and flexibility help, but even the beginner can practice pole dancing without feeling self-conscious or uncertain.

Your skills and abilities will build as you practice your dancing.

Get a removable dance pole for your home.Burning calories – how to burn fat without noticing.

For many of us, trying to tune the body and lose weight is an agonizing process, well stripper pole dancing is the solution!

It’s not by coincidence that the stripper pole dance has become a fast-growing fad designated to keeping our body fit and losing weight.

Pole Dancing Normal burns up to 400 calories in an hour!!!!

Coordination development

While stripper pole dancing we exercise both our body and our mind.

We practice keeping the right pace, creating clean movements, and right posture.

While dancing around the pole you will combine listening to the music. Integrate body movements and orientate around the space of the pole.

Combining all these functions develops your coordination. Which can help you not only while stripper pole dancing but also in your everyday life?


Pole dancing is an energetic fun form of dance and exercise  –

There are 3 primary types of pole dancing.

Exotic dance, empowerment,  and fitness – are the three main genres of pole dancing.

Different people decide to pole dance for different reasons, but it is a good idea to try all the styles or incorporate a blend into your dance routine for best results.

You can find someone to teach pole dancing for fitness.

Exotic dance is the first association many people make when they hear the term “pole dancing.”

It may bring to mind the image of a skanky stripper.

There is no doubt that pole dancing can be sexy and make a woman feel sexy, but exotic dance is not all about stripping.

It is now considered more of an art form.

When executed with grace and beauty, pole moves are an art.Pole dancing is a tool for many women.

Through pole dancing, they first learn to feel empowered.

It increases their feeling of self-confidence and self-worth.

This, in turn, contributes to their overall feeling of well being.

To conclude every dancer interprets stripper pole dancing through their own perspective, and feel the bit through their own body rhythm

For each dancer, pole dancing is a very individual experience, but with a few factors the is a complete agreement:

It is simple, it is fun, …and you can be the one!In other words, its fun, catchy way of dancing that makes you feel very good about yourself.

Even if you are not as good as a professional stripper pole dancer.

The rhythm will lift you up, and make you want to move around the pole.

Your body will be intoxicated by the tunes and movements.

The pole dance fad is so great because it fits so many different types of women for so many different reasons

It’s a vastly varied form of dance which entails many different styles and movements to be learned.

Pole dancing and physical fitness seem to have a positive effect not only physically, but psychologically, as well.

Physical exercise is known to affect the brain’s release and use of endorphins and serotonin.

These hormones not only make you feel better but can help relieve pain and even induce an almost euphoric feeling.

With Pole dancing, you will quickly be able to combine keeping fit and maintaining a toned body and having a relaxed health spirit!