Learn Pole Dancing From Home

The Question Of Many About Pole Dancing From Home


It is possible to learn to pole dance from the comfort of your own home but I don’t recommend as your sole resource as a  beginner.

That being said I highly recommend Amber Starr‘s online lessons in addition to your studio classes.

Everyone would benefit from lessons at a good studio to get the basics down before they start practicing at home.

I hate to admit it but I really needed the idiots guide in the beginning. The moves were so foreign and difficult to me when I started there is no way I would have made it past the first week if I had opted out of studio classes.

I am pretty sure I would have fallen on my head trying things I was not ready for. Or at the very least decided all the bruises were not worth it and ended up with another worthless piece of workout equipment installed in a spare bedroom.

There are many geographical areas that don’t have any studios teaching pole dance fitness so if you must learn only from home Amber Starr’s Pole Dancing Course is an excellent place to get started.

Full Review Of Amber Star’s Pole Dancing Classes Here

Amber Star’s Pole Dancing Course has a large variety of lessons and they break each move into steps that anyone can understand but if you are like me you will need a mirror and time to practice.

I wish I would have signed up for this program in addition to my pole lessons because there is not always time in class for the instructor to repeat something the 500 or so times I need to hear it.

With a paid membership you can watch these lessons as many times as you need to.

Click Here To Sign Up For Amber Star’s Pole Dancing Course

There is also a large community of pole dancers here to learn from and share your knowledge…or lack of knowledge with.

If you decide to sign up please ask for help when you need it almost everyone is there to learn and help others out when they need help.

My Pole Dance at Home Story

As a pole dancer fitness addict, I can not seem to get enough. So after nearly suffering from a major breakdown when the studio I go to closed for the week. I begged my hubby to put the air conditioning unit in the upper unit. (we have a duplex and just use the upstairs for exercise equipment and storage) where my pole is.

We had temps over 100 degrees or I would have been up there anyway but I really didn’t want to pass out when I was doing an upside down move and end up with a broken neck.

I wanted a little help improving my floor work and the moves I kind of brushed over to be able to perform strength moves quickly.

I also needed help with stretching since because there are a lot of moves I could make look prettier if I were more flexible.

I stumbled across Amber Star’s Classes quite a few times and lurked around the site until I decided to check out what they had available.

They had every lesson I wanted and then some so I decided to try for a month and I am so not disappointed.

I am not a natural at any of this stuff except that I might be part monkey because I love the climbing and hanging upside down but it took a lot of practice to learn how to do it.

When I saw the videos that would help me with some of the basic dance moves I was ecstatic.

I have had my pole for almost as long as I have been training but I didn’t use it much because I was afraid I might learn something wrong and then have to relearn it the right way.

My goal is to train as much as my body can handle and I do go to class 4-5 times a week but I want to practice pole every day in one way or another.

Now that I have the Amber Star’s Site membership I can practice every day with someone who knows what they are doing. Since they have basic strength exercises, warm-ups, routines, stretches and a few other types of lessons. I will never run out of things to do.

If I am too sore to go to a studio lesson I can pick and choose lessons that will get my heart rate up for cardio and stretch those sore muscles.

Honestly, I recommend Amber Star’s Classes to anyone interested in learning to pole dance at home.

It is a great ad on to someone that is already taking lessons and it is great for beginners. Who understand that you need to start from the beginning and work your way up to more advanced moves.

What You Need to Learn to Pole Dance at Home

This one is easy you need to sign up at Amber Starr‘s Pole Classes and then you will need a pole and a mirror.

You will want to wear small clothes in order to get as much skin on the pole. As you can as this helps your grip.

A pair of killer heels is optional but trust me after a few weeks you will be dying to try it with the heels.

Clothes, heels, and mirrors can be bought on the cheap with no worries but for your pole. I suggest you invest in one of the top brands.

I bought a cheap one and it was fine for low-level tricks and transitional moves that don’t take you off the ground but it is not going to hold up as I advance.

No worries I am budgeting for a new one and I am pretty sure I am going to go with the X-Pole – Chrome Professional Pole

I also like and have heard high recommendations for Platinum Stages and Lil’Minx poles.

This is worth repeating DO NOT BUY A CHEAP POLE they don’t last and some are downright dangerous.

Today’s Recommended poledancingcourses.com

For pole dance lessons and support X-Pole for a high-quality pole that will last Lil’Minx another high-quality pole