Pole Dancing Fitness

 Why Choose Pole Dance Fitness?

pole dance body shapeI am asked this question so often these days I decided to do some soul-searching and come up with a solid answer.

Here is what I came up with.

Gymnast Envy

It took me way back to my childhood thinking about the gymnastics classes that I took for a very short time on two separate occasions.

I tried once at a very young age all I can remember is the backbends and cartwheels on a balance beam and that it didn’t last very long.

My second try was around 12 years old and I felt like an idiot because almost everyone even the tiny little kids were better than me.  

I have always deep in my heart wanted to be able to do the stuff a gymnast can do. Until I took a look at pole dance fitness I didn’t think that dream could ever become a reality for me.

Dying to Dance

Second I love music and dancing but most of my life I have felt stupid getting out on the dance floor even at a wedding where more than half the people are drunk and don’t care what you look like.

I grew up in a conservative home and went to a Christian school that didn’t have dances we had dinners.

My parents were not against dancing but they did not dance so I never actually learned any dance style I just made it up and danced around the house when cleaning.

Then I was a bad girl at around 16 I started sneaking into dance clubs but I didn’t drink (maybe that is why I never got caught), I just wanted to dance.

When I was of age I still went to only to dance and volunteered to drive for friends who wanted to drink.

Then for some reason, I decided I looked stupid and I was never going to do that in public again.

Still can’t pinpoint that day or time or the real reason somehow it just turned into something I shouldn’t do.

New Workout Needed

Third I was working my booty off at the gym and getting very little results. The gym was not fun and I am sure my attitude and feelings about going were not helping me at all.

I was starting to feel like I was never going to get the rest of the fat off my body and tone up.

Then my hubby went to second shift and I could go on a schedule that I liked… you know to stay up late and sleep late.

I started cleaning at night when he was at work playing loud music I could dance to, and it made cleaning a little more enjoyable.

After years of cleaning while he was sleeping as quietly as possible I finally learned that music and dance motivate me.

After weeks of this, I decided to look at dance classes and the first studio that came up had pole dance classes.

After viewing the sample videos I just had this feeling that I wanted to do that but did not really know why.

The Results

The results are about 15 more pounds in weight loss and about 4 dress sizes lost. In the last month, I have had more compliments than I have had in the last 10 years combined.

I am stronger than I have ever been and I have more muscle tone that I did when I went to see an expensive trainer.

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I am still working on losing the last of the fat in my tummy. But when I do I already know I have some awesome muscle tone underneath. Because I can feel it when I am working those muscles.

I am constantly being asked, “what are you doing to lose so much weight?”, but when I lost my first  20 pounds at the gym no one was asking.

Pole dancing firms your entire body working all of the muscle groups used in targeted weight training plus all the muscles that would support them.

This can be done in weight training using free weights. Also changing up your program regularly but can not be done with weight machines.

I would rather have a set of fun moves that strengthen your core, arms, back, glutes and legs. That can be put into a fun dance routine than a boring weight lifting program.  

One of the things that appeals to me so much after you develop strength and muscle memory. You have much more control of your body.  

As you advance in pole dance fitness your body no longer tells you no I can’t do that it says yes I can but it will take more practice.

It is a challenging sport and each time I master a new move it makes me feel like a million bucks.

The confidence that I am building is worth as much if not more than a sexy body.

When I have a bad day I can always go to pole class and come back feeling like I conquered the trials of the day. I tend to be shy and timid but pole dance fitness has really helped bring out the diva in me and with each class and each new thing learned she gets to live a little more and has a little more fun.


Article By Jeniffer 🙂