Exercise For Basic Invert

In my never-ending quest to improve my invert, I’m always looking for new exercises and tips for my invert.

I’m a member of Cleo the Hurricane’s cleo’srocknpole.

There are many trick lessons, and she has strength and conditioning exercises.

One of her guest instructor’s Crystal has posted a straddle pull-up from the floor as a way to help teach the lower ab muscles to engage (something they have to learn to do in order to invert).

So I tried it yesterday for the first time.

I could not lift my body as a single unit, but once I lift my butt high I was able to lift my legs and hold it.

I was pretty impressed with myself.

It’s actually quite challenging, but I admit once I lifted my legs and held my weight I felt an enormous sense of accomplishment.

Finally, a strength exercise I didn’t totally suck at video Buzzfeed has produced a video about pole dancing has been circulating the interwebs.

It portrays women embracing their sexuality, and they display cue cards for the reasons they dance.

Many of those reasons are why I love pole dancing.

It makes me feel free, and it makes me feel like I can fly.

There’s no other feeling like it.

I’m thoroughly obsessed with pole dancing.

But that is where my affinity for the video ends.

In between all those messages of self-empowerment are depictions of women gyrating to melodramatic music, all dressed eerily similar, and the coups de gras is when they dance in what can only be described as a Lifetime movie about a Wiccan Coven.

What in the fuck?

Pole dance is like any other type of dance. Some dances are sexy, some incorporate classical dance moves, and some incorporate gymnastic feats.

It’s this kind of pigeon holing bullshit that continues to stigmatize pole.

I appreciate the intent behind the video, but perhaps we can portray pole dancing as the multi-dimensional sport it truly is.

So again Buzzfeed, thanks for trying but perhaps next time we can admit pole dancing is more than just sex? have been unfortunate to be blessed with adult acne.

Luckily, it’s not severe. It is really annoying. I’ve gone through bouts when I have very clear skin and when my skin was a hot mess.

Last year (2016) was a rough year for me.

I began to break out more than I have before.

Of course, it stressed me out, and as we all know stress causes breakouts. It’s a vicious cycle.

In August 2016 under the advisement of my dermatologist, I decided to go on Accutane. Accutane is usually given to people with severe acne, but some doctors will prescribe it to adults with less severe acne when all other methods fail.

I fall into that category. Cleansers, facials, and anti-bacterial medications didn’t work so Accutane was my last shot.

Accutane comes with a myriad of side effects; dry skin, lowered immune system, muscle soreness, and in some cases, it may cause depression.

I began with a lower dosage, and the only side effect I noticed was severely dry skin.

Within a month my doctor increased the dosage, and I got a cold that would not go away.

I had my first pole competition so I went off the medication to give myself a chance to heal.

I healed and because of government protocols, I had to wait another 2 months before I began treatment.

I’ve been taking Accutane again for about a month at the higher dosage and the side effects are more prominent.

My bruises don’t heal as fast, and I am definitely more sluggish than before.

The problem I have of course is I have another competition in a month and a half.

There is no way I can properly train with such a compromised immune system and weak body.

I made the decision a couple of days ago to go off the medicine again.

I desperately want to treat and cure my adult acne, but I’m not sure my body can handle it.

Does anyone else have issues with their medication effecting their pole dancing?

There are days when I wake up, look in the mirror, and cringe. I analyze and criticise every inch of my body.

I poke and prod and promise to treat myself better. Then there are days I look in the mirror and think “hey there sexy. How are you doing?”

Although yesterday was not an overly critical day, it was also not an overly confident day either.

However, I took video of me doing a Jasmine in a crop top and I looked better than I thought (in the midsection).

Then I saw a video of me from June 2014 and I thought the video was pretty flattering. I tend to pay special attention to my midsection.

I have the very sought after body type of an apple. Doesn’t every woman want to be round in the middle? No? The hell you say! Well yesterday and today my midsection looked pretty good

(not Marlo Fisken good, but not 9 months preggers either). So I call that a win for week! Today I’m thinking perhaps I’m not as fat as I thought.

Yay me! I was super excited about competing at APC, but I was taking medication that drastically reduced my strength and I still have more fundamental moves to master.

My invert is getting way better. I can hold myself and tilt back from a front leg hook.

I keep taking videos to see how far back I tilt (before I was only getting my back parallel to the ground instead of more angled), but I can’t get the right video angle.

Regardless training is coming along great, but I still think I need more time so I decided to drop out of the competition to give myself more time to train.

The funny thing is everyone at my studio is acting like it’s the end of the world. Well maybe not that drastic, but they’re disappointed.

They keep trying to encourage me to compete.

Perhaps they think I’m letting nerves get the better of me, but that’s not the issue.

I really don’t want to compete at such a large venue when my inverts are not consistent.

PSO allows anyone who is not a competing at the professional level to compete at regionals or nationals.

Professionals have to win a slot to nationals, but no one else does (it’s probably because only the professional level have a chance at a cash prize).

Nationals are in August and I’m going to compete then instead. There doesn’t seem to satisfy some of the ladies. They’re convinced I should be completed at APC.

Sorry ladies no dice. I need more time to train.

What about you guys? Have you ever dropped out of a competition because you needed more time to strength train? Ugh.

This week was complete shit for sure. I wasn’t feeling well the beginning of the week. I skipped class, but I went to spin pole today (Saturday).

I had trouble with my tree spin and even my inverts were shit.

I was so annoyed. I came home and I decided to do some more strength work. Of course, that went horribly too.

My pull-ups were weak, and my pole straight leg raises also sucked. Normally I can do at least 5 straight leg raises in a row, but today I could only do two.

Last week was so much better. My pull-ups were strong and my inverts were coming along nicely.

Of course, I still need to work on my inverts and bring my back from parallel to tilted, but they looked pretty good.

I need a reset button for today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.


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