Miss Pole Dance Singapore Competition

General Information On Pole Dancing Competition

The Competition is open to both amateur and professional pole dancers aged 18 years and pole dance musicabove, who are residing in Singapore.

“Pole dancing” is defined as movements which include the elements of rotating tricks, pole tricks, inverts and dance movements of any genre.•

There will be no restrictions on professionals entering the Competition. Professionals are defined as dancers who have made money from performing pole dance.

On the day of the Competition, all competitors are required to report punctually, be dressed and be ready for the Competition. The reporting time for the Competition on Saturday, 30th April 2018 is 1300hrs. (pole dancing competition)

• Rehearsals will be separately arranged, but are most likely to be on the same day as the Competition.Registration Requirements

• All registration forms have to be fully and legibly completed, and submitted to:

Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore Pte Ltd222 Queen Street#02-01Singapore 188550T: +65 6333 4308

• All registration forms must be submitted no later than Thursday, 31st March 2018 together with the following:

Registration fee of SGD20.00 per solo CompetitorRegistration fee

• 2 working CDs of your chosen piece of music. Competitors are permitted to mix and bring the music of their choice.

Proper CD format, length of music, sound quality and recording level will be the sole responsibility of each Competitor.

• All competitors must also submit a maximum of six photographs of themselves.

All photos are to be in electronic format and must include at least one portrait headshot and at least one shot of the Competitor executing a pole dance move.

Each photo must be provided in 2 resolutions: 360dpi and 72dpi.

The photos provided must have no copyright attached to them and the Organizer reserves the right to publish submitted photos for the purposes of promoting the Competition.

• The registration form must be completed in full accordance with these rules, dated and signed. Each page must be initialed by the Competitor.

• Each solo Competitor declares that she has no contracts of obligations by other organizations or persons related to pole dancing.Categories & Time Limits

• There will be 1 category:• Solo • The maximum time limit for each performance is as follows:

• Solo – 4 minutes

• Points will be deducted for failure to keep within the stipulated time.Competition & Judging

• During the Competition, the Competitor must abide by the rules and arrive in advance with the Competition Organizer.

• A qualified judging panel of no less than three persons will score each Competitor’s performance and their decision will be final.

• The panel of judges will comprise persons experienced in dance and competition judging, and may also include local celebrities.

• Judges will be instructed to assess each Competitor’s performance according to the following criteria:

• Pole Work: 15 Points

• Dance: 10 Points

• Presentation: 5 Points

• Competitors may not communicate with members of the judging panel about their performance before, during and after the Competition.

• The Organizer reserves the right to expel a Competitor from participation, both before and during the Competition.

• Competitors must be available for a photo shoots and interviews prior to the Competition if requested.

• The Organizer expects the prize winners to cooperate with the promotion of the Competition and activities.

This may include pre-, during and post-Competition media interviews and photographs.

• Dressing rooms are for competitors and staff only – they are off limits to family members or friends of Competitors.

• Competitors are not permitted to consume alcohol before or during their performance in the Competition.

• The order of Competition will be determined by random lottery.Prizes

• Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 Competitors with the highest scores, as determined by the judges.

• The value of the prizes will be made known closer to the Competition date.Presentation / Costume

• High heels of a minimum of 2 inches must be worn. No boots or bare feet are permitted.

• Competitors may use props. They must be signed off by the Organizer.

• Competitors may not perform nude or partially nude. No G-strings or thongs are permitted in the Competition.

• No backup dancers or other people are permitted on stage during each solo performance.

Additional Rules

• Competitors may not converse with the audience before their performance. Once their performance is complete, they may join the audience.

• The pole used in the Competition will be a brass 38mm spinning pole.

• Any failure to abide by the abovementioned rules will result in immediate disqualification.

Stipulations on Film and Photography

• All photography and other footage remain the property of the Organizer. Competitors have no rights to compensation for photography and other footage made before, during and after the Competition.

• Competitors explicitly and irrevocably agree that all footage and photography can be used by the Organizer for promotional, advertising and commercial purposes.

• No photographs or footage taken (by any person or group) during the Competition can be used by competitors without written permission from the Organizer.

“Miss Pole Dance Singapore 2018” Title

• The title “Miss Pole Dance Singapore 2018” is an official title valid for one year commencing the date of the Competition.• As “Miss Pole Dance Singapore 2018” the winner is an ambassador of pole dancing.

• As “Miss Pole Dance Singapore 2018” the winner is required to take on several promotional activities. This occurs in consultation with the Organizer and may be financially remunerated.

• The Organizer reserves the right to retract the title if the winner causes any damages to the Competition.

• In the case of retraction, the first runner-up becomes the new Miss Pole Dance Singapore.

The Organizer

• The Organizer is not liable for injury or damage resulting from participation in the Competition, which includes any transportation to and from the Competition.

• The Organizer reserves the right to change the rules contained herein.

• All decisions not addressed in this document will be made by the Organizer.

• A decision by the Organizer is binding.Sportsmanship

• Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore Pte Ltd and the Competition committee recognize that dance competition can provide exciting entertainment for the audience.

The thrill of competition for the competitors, and in general, can increase the level of pole dance awareness and dance skill in the region.

By entering the Competition, all Competitors agree that the event is for the enjoyment of all and agree to act in a manner which is both sportsmanlike and reflects the intent of the Competition at all times before, during and after the Competition, particularly in regards to professional or other self-promotion.

Any Competitor deemed by the Organizer or Competition committee to be behaving outside of this guideline may be stripped of any awards and banned from entry into future competitions and featured events.

• Furthermore, by entering the Competition, all Competitors recognize that final placement in the Competition standings reflect only how well they danced in the Competition, not their skill as dancers in general.

The Organizer and pole dancing competition committee exclusively reserve the right to limit the mention or use of the Competition standings by Competitors or any other parties. General Commentary, Suggestions and Disclaimers

• The Competition Committee reserves the right to make exceptions to the rules in cases of extreme circumstance or in the case that the rules are interpreted in a way not intended by the Competition committee (i.e. “loopholes”).

• Competitors will be required to sign a waiver of liability. Participation in the event is entirely at each Competitor’s own risk. Performance of dangerous choreography is not endorsed by the Competition committee and will not be reflected favorably in the scoring.

• Competitors are strongly encouraged to practice on the Competition pole prior to the event to familiarize themselves with the pole and to anticipate the lighting. All competitors will be allocated a time slot for this.

• All competitors consent to release the use of their photographs, biographies, and names with regard to the promotion of the event to the Organizer and Competition committee.

• Have fun competing before anything else!

• All decisions made by the pole dancing competition committee are final.For questions or clarifications, please call Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore at +65 6333