Best Pole Dancing Clothes For Beginners

Choosing pole dancing clothes when you start pole dancing lessons can be a bit tricky.

 A common mistake when people take up pole dancing is choosing the wrong pole dancing clothes/gear.

This can be near fatal, especially when haven’t mastered the basic pole tricks.

You don’t want to wear clothing that makes you slide off the pole, along with the inability to grip the pole with your skin.

I’ll share my personal recommendations for choosing pole dancing clothes for beginners.

The first item in your collection of pole dancing clothes is a tank top or sports bra.

This allows you grip the pole with your skin on your arms.

Pole dance moves using your arms to grip the pole can lead to disaster when wearing long sleeves.

Once you have moved onto the more advanced lessons of pole dancing then you can choose the more fabulous clothing,

For now, focus on keeping it simple, learning the basic movements.Your wardrobe of beginners pole dancing clothes should consist of shorts.

I recommend the shorty shorts. You will be learning how to grip the pole with your legs.

It is next to impossible to grip the pole with pants on, trust me, unless it vinyl, latex or PVC; it ain’t happening.

One beginner’s pole trick is the fireman.

This trick you grip the pole with your legs and arms.

You don’t want to be sliding off the pole just yet, do you?

The third piece of pole dancing clothes is the shoes.

It is strongly recommended when you first begin to use bare feet.

If you don’t feel comfortable going to classes with bare feet, then you can a short heel.

The taller platforms and stilettos take some time to get used to.

First, learn how to use your feet on the pole, then add the sexy shoes.

You now know what the essential pole dancing clothes are to begin taking pole dancing lessons.

These three things a tank top, short shorts, bare feet or short heels will prepare you to become a master of pole dancing.