Online pole dancing classes

A Guide To Online Pole Dancing Classes For You

When most people think of physical fitness, they think heavy workouts, going to the gym, going on all kinds of diets. Also going for a jog and just basically any of these activities that have been associated with getting and staying fit.

However, most people don’t really imagine pole dancing when it comes to talking about physical fitness and working out. Pole dancing is one of the best ways a person can work out and get their body toned and feeling fresh.

Not all pole dancing lessons need to be physical. Online pole dancing classes make the delicate art of pole dancing even more easily accessible to you than physical ones.

The people who avoid it out of fear of it being too out there are really missing out on a great opportunity.

This is a workout that not only benefits your body but is just lots of fun to engage in as well. What makes pole dancing really good as a workout is that it involves working with the entire body.

With online pole dancing classes, you need not leave the comfort of home to learn the art of pole dancing. Online classes are fun and engaging.


Best Products For Online Pole Dancing Classes

There are two main best products when it comes to looking for good online pole dancing classes:

Pole Body

 Pole Body is a really good starting kit. It’s made for the novices in this field who are just getting started with pole dancing on their own. The Pole Body Set comes with over 130 videos that are all spread out to cover different difficulty levels.

It starts with basic beginner, going all the way to the advance dancing level.

These tutorials come with helpful step by step instructions. They walk you through exactly what you need to do to master some of the specifically difficult moves of pole dancing.

Pole Dancing Course with Amber Starr

 As far as online pole dancing classes go, the pole dancing course with Amber Starr is a great bargain. This course features 3 different teachers.

They teach you exactly how to get around to dancing on a pole on your own. Each expert trainer will show you a signature routine to get started with. They will walk you through all the techniques involved in those routines.

The course not only gives you access to their online pole dancing classes. But also a DVD set if you choose to opt for that instead. Further, we provide a brief review of both the products.

Pole Dancing Course with Amber Starr

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to get a taste of using the techniques of pole dancing.

As far as online pole dancing classes are concerned, these lessons are very comprehensive and highly informative.

The videos are easy on the eyes, and also very easy to follow. The instructors are incredibly helpful as they walk you through the steps of each routine in a patient and exciting way.

Unlike other online pole dancing classes, this course is designed with a moderate learning pace in mind. The videos are planned to go in a step by step progression according to different difficulty levels.

The difficulty levels range from the completely new beginners, all the way to advanced learners. So it really is something everyone can enjoy, whether they are starting out or have come a long way.

The 3 Different Kinds of Expert Pole Dancing Routines

There are a lot of different kinds of online pole dancing classes available on the internet right now. With internet content, the thing is that you get amazing amounts of quantity content but no real good quality of content.

This happens when you go looking for online pole dancing classes.

In fact, it is a common fact about most lessons you will try to learn for any sort of skill online.  You can still take the cheaper option and go with random online videos. That is if you don’t care much about the quality or the origins of the lessons.

Some of these independent online pole dancing classes aren’t half bad. They can get you a cheap mastery of some sort of skill in the art of pole dancing. Which is why these lessons are definitely worth a try.

However, most of these online pole dancing classes have the same boring routines. As much as you may doubt it, there is an art to pole dancing. You need a special kind of knowledge and finesse to be able to teach the proper art of pole dancing.

People have put up videos for online pole dancing classes, without knowing much about the art of pole dancing. There are a lot of these fakers out there and it can be very difficult to determine who they are.

Since it is very easy to just get the basics of pole dancing, it is very prevalent. These forgers read about it a little and heavily edited videos to make subpar lessons.

The biggest way of spotting these videos is knowing how many different pole dancing routines actually exist out there. You’d be surprised to know this, but there are many different techniques involved in pole dancing. Sadly, however, not all online pole dancing classes teach you this and you are left with a mediocre skill.

This is an inevitable result that can happen due to faulty and improper lessons. What you end up with is just a jack of all trades kind of skill that is not very helpful.

You know many basic parts of different dance routines, but not one big coherent pole dancing technique. This happens when you have a large market for online pole dancing classes that are not verified properly.

Why are so many different kinds of pole dancing routines important?

The answer to that is incredibly logical and very simple. Pole dancing is more like a sport, apart from something people just do inside strip clubs. As with every sport, even pole dancing comes with all these different levels.

There are different moves that can be used in various ways with different techniques.

Pole dancing is not just one monolith of a dance type, it is a blend of different schools. These different pole dancing schools and techniques have their roots in many different subcultures of classic and modern art.

Most of them are heavily influenced by a classical dance like the elegant ballet dancing. Whereas there are others that are more inspired by modern day contemporary style dance techniques and routines.


Step By Step Learning

The best way to learn something is to go at it by tackling the different steps involved. Many classes for dances like pole dancing often go into complicated explanations.

This is a problem many other online pole dancing classes also seem to have. They focus too much on the big pictures, instead of the little components that make the big picture.

This is why it is especially important for online pole dancing classes to have a step by step routine.

Having a breakdown of the dance into several steps is used for many beneficial reasons. When you have a list of all the different steps involved, you can keep a track on your learning curve.

You will know exactly at which step you seem to encounter a lot of difficulties. You will also know which steps seem to come easier to you.

The steps that seem easy to learn can give you clues about why they seem so easy. Then you can use these tips to try to get better at the steps you’re having difficulty with.

Another good thing about the online pole dancing classes in this course is the pace of the lessons. The lessons of all the dance routines start off seemingly normal, or even slow. The video starts with the instructor being slow.

This is done purposefully so that you can catch every little movement and line. Then after the first few steps are established, the pace picks up. From the middle of the lesson to the end, the lessons get faster and faster.

By the end of the video, the pace speeds up to real-time pole dancing. And you can catch up in the end because you have mastered all those different steps now.

Designed for Starters and Professionals

Learning any kind of skill or art form is difficult enough already, add to it the confusion of choices. There are scores of online pole dancing classes in different courses available out there.

Many of them have their own pros and cons. They come with a long list of all kinds of things that they can do and can’t do.

The biggest dilemma attached to these online pole dancing classes is the classification. Most of them are classified as for either beginner who is just starting out in lessons. Whereas, others are classified as made of the more professional and proficient.

If you don’t know which one would be better for you, then you are really not alone. All the courses with online pole dancing classes force you to make that distinctive choice. You have to select either the easy level one or the hard level one.

Unless it is clearly spelled out for you, you have no idea which way to go. Things become much harder when you are not dead set on your proficiency level.

Every person has their own level of learning and it is different. It is different with this course because your proficiency doesn’t play a big part.

You don’t feel left out with these online pole dancing classes, no matter what your level.

This is because the videos are broken down into many different parts with different difficulty levels.

So these online pole dancing classes are made for everyone.

Whether you are knowledgeable about the mechanics of pole dancing, or unaware.

You can be comfortable with your own level and expertise and learn from the videos. You can fluctuate between going for a move that is more advanced, or one that is simpler.

There is a little something for every person with these online pole dancing classes.

Video Access Included



Most people don’t opt to purchase online pole dancing classes when they have access to a lot of free learning content. This makes sense if you are looking to save money and learn something very fast. But the thing you need to know is that there are opportunities to get good value for your money.

Even if you spend some money to get online pole dancing classes, you have to be smart about it. When you consider buying online pole dancing classes, you have to get something that has a nice return on investment. This course has just that, it gives you back more than you put into it.

One of the best thing about this course and its online pole dancing classes is the video access for members. This course gives you a lot of privileges by being a customer of the course.

Once you buy the set, you can get access to all the online videos on the website as well. Now you can easily crossover to the net medium from the DVD medium and easily learn.

So you can go to the website at any time and easily go through all the videos available. All you have to do is your special user provided log in password that you get with the purchase. This special customer access will last for your entire lifetime, redeemable throughout the years ready to use.

You can revisit the videos and touch upon the old lessons you learned and try to practice. If you want, you can even request for DVDs to be sent to your address. These DVDs contain the entire series of the online pole dancing classes for you to watch. You can switch between the different modules by the different instructors. You can try out different difficulty levels etc.

The advantage of having a DVD hard copy is that you have access to it anytime at all. Unlike the online videos, the DVDs are not contingent on your internet connection. You don’t have to worry about internet speed or bandwidth.

You can plug your DVDs in at any time and easily and comfortably have access to the lessons. There are very few online pole dancing classes that give this lucrative option to their customers.

Customer Support

As an added bonus feature for the customers, this package also includes video customer service. It is not just ordinary sort of customer support, but support from Amber Starr herself. This is something unheard of when it comes to most online pole dancing classes. Anytime you have issues with a pole dancing routine you can go to the member’s area. You can discuss the issues you have directly with Amber and get direct help on them.

What this Course Promises to Deliver

All in all, this course has a lot of features considering that it makes up online pole dancing classes. For the price, you get a lot of options and bonuses. The main attraction about any kind, of course, is that it has to be both engaging and informative. That is exactly how this course is. As far as online pole dancing classes go, this course uses a lot of engagement tactics. Not only do you get a lot of hours of video time, you get many different techniques.

Various different types of pole techniques are explained in great depth. They are explained in a way that is actually very easy to understand and practice. The steps in each of the instructional videos are paced according to the regular learning curve. So you can improve from beginner level to advanced level pretty fast. What makes this course unique from other online pole dancing classes is the variety.

They have many different styles of pole dancing which are taught by specialized experts. These experts are professional pole dancers who know the ins and outs of this art form very well. They know exactly how to teach students the various different techniques.

The videos that come with these online pole dancing classes are also downloadable online very easily. Once you have your member access on the website, you can easily check those out. The production value for these is also promised to be very innovative and great. This high production quality on this project is enough to know to get these lessons.

Pole Body Course

This course is special when it comes to online pole dancing classes because it focuses on the everyday woman. Pole body is a course that encourages average women to bring out their above-average talents. This is the course for those who want to be more fit and lean inside the comfort of their own home.

There is no complicated form of technique involved in this course, everything is very simplistic. This course teaches you how to be a good pole dancer without focusing on the nitty-gritty details. Pole Body addresses that age-old issue about online pole dancing classes getting too complex and difficult.

For many women pole dancing is just something fun they want to do, so they find it hard to cope with the attitude some instructors take towards teaching, which can get very intimidating for a beginner.

Those women who are just starting out may feel insecure about their body shape and weight. For them, it is much harder to indulge in online pole dancing classes.

To get such women to engage into pole dancing is a very delicate matter, which this course beautifully handles. So it is the perfect course if you are just a beginner with a less than perfect body and a strong will.

A Good Alternative to Those With Back Related Issues

A lot of exercises that will make you more fit are also very straining for your back and legs. This makes it a conundrum for you to get fitter and healthier. Putting in rigorous effort and physical strain is a basic requirement for many types of physical fitness routines.

This is pretty much a basic necessity for all fitness related routines. This is because the more physical effort is the mechanism required for burning off the most amount of calories. This, however, can be a big problem for those who have back issues.

Back issues like surgery, chronic back pain, poor disc alignment etc make it very difficult to exercise. In such case, you are left with no choice regarding a physical fitness routine.

Your injury cripples you and forces you to stay stagnant and immobile. This constant immobility further increases your problems with increased weight and poor health. This is why it is even more important for people with injuries to find some form of exercise to get better and fitter.

The creator of the Pole Body online course, Danna, is all too familiar with back injuries. She herself has faced a very serious level of back injury. Danna experienced a very debilitating injury in her back. She had a hernia due to which her lower end of the spine had disc issues.

After suffering through this injury her doctor advised her to not participate in any physical activity. He also told her to refrain from all forms of dancing as it would be bad for her.

This was very difficult for Danna to hear because before the injury, she was an avid dancer. She was into all kinds of dancing like jazz and lyrical, as well as pole dancing.

She was devastated at having to give all of that up because of her back. But she discovered the one thing she could still do even with her injury and restrictions. That thing was pole dancing. Because she couldn’t do anything that required jumping or running, pole dancing was the best exercise for her.

This discovery revolutionized exercise for the physically restricted people. This is what caused Danna to launch the Pole body course so that others may benefit from it.

Pole dancing is a very efficient way of exercising that puts no strain on your back. It is great for people who tend to face chronic back problems but still want to stay physically fit.

The Pole Body online pole dancing classes are perfect for people suffering from physical pains. This course combines physical fitness and less physical strain along with lots of fun and entertainment.

Pole Dancing for Leaner Bodies

Each type of exercise has its own specific target areas in your body. As you may have noticed, different sports players have a different build and physique. Basketball players tend to be slender and tall mostly. Usually, they do not have big muscles, but they are very agile with the ball.

pole dance body shape


This is because the kind of workout they do focuses more on the strength aspect of the body instead of muscles. Similarly, American football players have a heavy muscle tone and strength. This is because they need all those muscles to deal with all the tackling that is involved in the game of football.

They especially have much more upper body strength compared to the rest. Their arms are pumped with a lot of muscle tone that they use to tackle the players.

Just as with other sports, pole dancing also is a sport with its own benefits for your body. If you’ve ever noticed pole dancers, you’ll see how lean their bodies usually are.

That is the wonder of pole dancing because it works to make you leaner. Pole dancing involves almost all your muscle groups, without too much exertion on them. The result of this is a low muscle tone, leaner body type.

The lack of too many exertions leads to no one area of the body to be overblown by muscles.

The muscles all over the body receive equal amounts of work so they all get the tone. Fat also gets burned equally over the whole body so you can lose a lot of weight. The end result is a very lean and slender looking body. This is an ideal body type for an everyday woman looking to get fit. If you don’t want big muscles or any visible growth, this course is perfect for you.

Pole Body especially focuses on moves that help you get leaner. All the dance moves that maximize equal distribution of exertion are taught. Unlike other types of online pole dancing classes, Pole Body is best for getting lean. This is the course that will give you a workout body without it looking too much like a workout body.

Focus on Family Friendly Type of Pole Dancing

Now we all know that pole dancing tends to get a lot of bad rep for many reasons. This is mainly because it is heavily used and associated with stripping. While pole dancing makes you feel like a liberated and independent woman, you don’t want it to turn to lewdness. This is a dilemma when many women look for online pole dancing classes.

Many online pole dancing classes focus a lot on the sexual and provocative aspect of pole dancing. While it may be a great let out for some women, many are uncomfortable with it. Not everyone wants to flaunt their sexuality out in the open just for a workout. Lots of women just want to feel comfortable while working towards their fitness goals.

Pole Body is absolutely family friendly in the way it teaches pole dancing. You learn moves without being hyper sexual or dressing like a stripper. This is the kind of course you don’t have to worry about following in front of your family and friends.


With the vast availability of information online, learning new skills and different types of art forms has become very easy. For those looking to learn the lucrative art of pole dancing, there are several courses available. The two course we looked at was the Pole Dancing Course with Amber Starr and the Pole Body course. Both courses have their plus points and specialties that make them different from each other.


The Pole Dancing Course by Amber Starr focuses more on professional minded expertise in the art of pole dancing. This is a course that you would want to pursue if you are an amateur pole dancer looking for perfection. If you want to learn pole dancing from scratch but also want to perfect your technique, then this is the course for you.


The Pole Body course, on the other hand, is more geared towards people willing to learn in a more comfortable environment. This course has less to do with perfecting technique and more to do with goals of fitness you’d like to achieve.  The Pole Body course helps to teach pole exercises that help you with chronic back problems and other body related issues. This course is also good for losing weight and getting into a more fit body type and be healthy.

The deciding factor for both of these is difficult if you are unsure about the type of needs you have. If you are pursuing pole dancing merely because it is something fun you want to get into, then both suffice. Because both courses have their own unique way of making pole dancing more entertaining and fun. They each have special features that cancel out monotony and give you a good mix of variety.

The way in which Pole Dancing Course by Amber Starr gives variety is by having many instructors. The different expert instructors and their different routines allow you to enjoy to the fullest. The Pole body course, on the other hand, offers variety in terms of short easy to learn exercises. These exercises all teach you how to tone your body and focus on the different areas for improvement.

In the end, what will help you choose between the two is to examine your goals for pole dancing. If your major goal in learning pole dancing is getting variety and perfect technique then go with the first one. And if you want to get better physically with easy tips and tricks then go with the Pole Body course.