Welcome To Pole Dance City

Hello everyone, my name is Carrie and I am addicted to pole dancing! 

How do I know this you ask?

Well I will make a great big list here so you can check to see if you are as well.

You know you are addicted to pole dancing if…Your Pole Dance studio is closed for a week and you start exhibiting withdrawal symptoms.

Your arms are so sore it hurts to pick up a gallon of milk yet you have to force yourself to stay away from the pole.You have a pole at home and still, attend as many classes as you can fit in your week.

Your friends invite you out and you say “sorry I have pole but you could take a drop in class if you would like.

”You have bruises…… well everywhere but you just tape up the ones that bother you and move on.

When you listen to music you wonder could I pole to this?

You just can’t get enough of that feeling when you learn a new move or perfect one you have been working on it is like nothing else.

You get upset and run to your pole for comfort or stress relief.

You find yourself dreaming about being a famous pole dancer.

When you are awake you are running moves and routines through your head even while grocery shopping or cleaning the house.

So if you exhibit just a few of these you are probably addicted to the pole. 

There are worse things that you could be addicted to at least you are getting your exercise. 

After a rough week, I took my frustration out on the pole my arms are killing me. 

Then I tripped in a hole in our yard and hurt my leg so I have been sitting much of the last two days and it is killing me. 

I know that I should rest but I don’t want to. I will be back at it tomorrow but it somehow feels like I am losing progress by taking a break. 

Just can’t wait to get back on the pole this week!Would love to hear from my readers…are you a pole addict? How did you figure it out?

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